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Yasar Factoring

Project Name: MAIA - Yasar Factoring Mobile Application

Technologies: C# (.Net, DevExpress, WCF, MVC 4), Oracle, Objective-C (iOS Native), Java (Android Native)

Since 2006, we have been developing a special factoring automation program called MAIA for Yaşar Factoring, which is the leading company in its sector. MAIA, which runs on Codex Framework, includes document management system, performance management, factoring transactions, accounting integrations, workflow management; process management. It is Turkey's first and only factoring automation. It is a dynamic structure that works with digital switchboard systems, mobile applications, fax systems and special HR modules.

Other projects:

  • ImageProcessing Applications
  • iOS and Android Mobile Application - Online Request System
  • Digital Switchboard Integrations
  • Fingerprint Reading Systems
  • Reporting Systems - Dynamic Report Modules
  • Oracle BI Integration
  • Oracle Database Management